month [ mʌnθ ] noun count ***
1. ) one of the 12 periods that a year is divided into, such as January, February, etc: CALENDAR MONTH:
during the winter months
the month of March
Could we meet earlier in the month?
this/next/last month: A man was arrested last month in connection with the robbery.
I've already spent this month's salary.
the beginning/end of the month: They aim to finish by the end of the month.
a month/per month (=each month): I give my daughter $50 a month.
2. ) a period of about four weeks:
a three-month-old baby
Three months passed and we didn't hear a word from him.
I should try to finish my novel over the next few months.
for a month: My parents were here for a month last year.
a month from: I'll be leaving a month from today.
a month's worth: The doctor has given him a month's worth of pills.
the past/previous month: We've hardly seen each other over the past month.
in a month's time: They're getting married in a month's time.
3. ) months plural a long time:
It'll take months to finish the work on the house.
for/in months: We haven't been to the movies for months.
month after month
used for emphasizing that the same thing happens all the time:
Month after month we discuss the same boring issues.
a month at a time
for one whole month each time:
They plan the menus a month at a time.
month by month
used for emphasizing the progress that a situation is making:
We're gaining new customers month by month.
a very long time:
It would take us a month of Sundays to clean out the barn.
not/never in a month of Sundays INFORMAL OLD-FASHIONED
used for saying that something will never happen

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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